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During this video, I’m going to help you uncover your incredible ability to imagine, create, and think outside the box, USING ONE OF MY MOST POWERFUL ... AND A LITTLE WILD... IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY TOOLS, so that you can freely step into your unique gifts and talents – and build the life you deserve on YOUR terms. 
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You’re well on your way to reawakening the incredible creative and imaginovative gifts that I know already lie deep inside of you! Shabooya! 

So, what's next?

Well, I'll tell you... An experience like no other that should top the charts on your list of priorities. Depending on where you're at in life, business, career, or your personal relationships, the Shaboo experience awaits deep-rooted soul searching, unlocks doors you haven't been able to open and breaks-free of boring, conventional thinking. 

Did you know 87% of people will start and stop life-changing opportunities out of fear? 
You might be thinking, "Wow, that seems high!" 
And I agree, this number is high, but what if I told you every one of my students has been able to alter what was just a dream or a passion and turn it into something profitable or at the very least, possible...?

So, tell me... what would you do if you could break-free of gut-wrenching fear and break into what's truly possible for you?

Regardless of what cards are dealt for you, living in fear allows no space for possibility. The power to seek change is YOU! We must be able to embrace change, try new things, think unconventionally, and take risks.

Sometimes these skills aren't natural, so I am giving you the opportunity to correct your thinking patterns and re-shape the way you see your future, and even greater... what you're capable of.

I am extending a very personal and valuable invite for you to explore deeper. Click below and find out if you have what it takes to joinYour Next Odyssey!

Are you ready to break confidence barriers, get EXACTLY what you want and take charge of your life?
My Story...
When I was young the world was big and colorful and opportunities were endless. Then I grew up and I was told to go to school, get a job, and pay my bills.

Suddenly my beautiful world turned cold and grey. Life became robotic, dull, and demanding.

Sound familiar?

For years and years I remained in a dull career feeling lost and stuck. I knew I had more to offer but didn't know how to break out of convention in order to find the freedom necessary to create the life I desired. 

I thought perhaps climbing the corporate ladder, making more money, or holding a certain title would make me happy and bring the color back into my world. If I could only make it to the next level in my career or earn a bigger paycheck I’d feel like that giddy, awe-inspired little girl again, right?
But that wasn’t happening for me...

I wanted so badly to have fun, to play, and enjoy life like I once did. But the adult voice in my head said that was frivolous and irresponsible. That’s not what “adults” do, I told myself. And I believed that lie for far too long!

Ultimately, my imagination and ability to envision more for myself propelled me to take the lead into entrepreneurship with my visionary products and award-winning international company...and I’ve never looked back! Shabooya! 

Thankfully, one day I had enough and started listening to the little voice in my heart again that said it’s ok to play and explore and create the life you desire to live. Once I finally allowed myself to tap into the creative, fun, imaginative side of my brain my business, Shaboo!, hatched to life!

Creating Shaboo reaffirmed my belief that the world needed an outlet for inspiring dreamers, creators, inventors, and business owners through fun and play and gave me permission to start living life in color again.

After Shaboo took flight I felt happy, free, and passionate...and I knew I had to share my experience with the world in an effort to help others build a life they will love through creativity, play, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Are you stuck living a life that doesn’t excite you, inspire you, or make you happy? Today’s the day to start fresh with Next! Your New Odyssey! 
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